Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sinful Colors Spring 2013 Sugar Rush Collection: Cotton Candy

Sinful Colors Cotton Candy (3 coats)

Quick post today because I need to run to the bus. It was a really long day at work today. I had to get in an hour early and work 9 hours with one 15 minute break. Gotta love science. 

The second color from the Sugar Rush collection is Cotton Candy which is a cool toned medium pink with that unnecessary shimmer that you can't see. For all intensive purposes, I'd call this a cream. I think it's really pretty, but nothing terribly unique. For the price ($1.99) you just can't beat it. It (unfortunately) applied like Orange Cream which is to say not great. I had the same streaking and balding that evened out after 3 coats. 

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