Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Swatches and Review: Autumn Spice

Revlon Autumn Spice (2 coats)

Is Revlon getting rid of their Parfumerie collection? I ask because I found most of them on sale at my local Walgreens recently. So you know that I ended up buying all of the discounted polishes...because why not? I've reviewed a few of the Parfumerie polishes previously, and to refresh your memory, these are scented polishes. I'm not normally a huge fan of scents on the nails because it can sometimes give me a headache. Luckily, Autumn Spice gave me no issues in terms of application or headache-inducing scent. It's a beautiful bronzy brown color with red and gold/copper glass flecks. It's a bit darker than other colors I've been wearing recently, but it's a nice change, for sure.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Zoya Spring 2014 Awaken Collection Swatches and Review: Rebel

Zoya Rebel (3 coats)

In case you didn't know, Zoya is having a BOGO sale until tonight. If you haven't gotten an order in, make sure to do so before midnight EST. Use code SUP for up to 4 free polishes.

If you're going to use the code, make sure to check out my Zoya tag for all of my swatches to help you choose. Tonight I have Rebel which I'm sure is named after actress Rebel Wilson. Oh, have I said how excited I am about Pitch Perfect 2? I love Anna Kendrick! Anyway, Rebel is a lovely blue with blue shimmer. It gave me a bit of lobster hands, but that's how it goes with blues. The formula was exactly like Dillon which is to say that it was just ok in 3 coats. Are you ready for the work week to start? I'm definitely not!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Zoya Spring 2014 Awaken Collection Swatches and Review: Dillon

Zoya Dillon (3 coats)

Happy Saturday! I went to Raleigh this weekend for a plant sale put on by the horticulture group. Yeah, we always end up getting way too many plants. Oops! Also, I hope your brackets have been going well...all 4 teams I have going to the Final 4 are still in it.

Tonight I have another spring polish from Zoya in their Awaken Collection. Dillon is a mint green with gold and blue shimmer. There is a true blue shimmer in this collection that I'll show tomorrow. The formula wasn't the best for a Zoya to be honest. I was expecting it to be more pigmented, but it still needed 3 coats to cover the nail line. I hope you have a great night!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Zoya Spring 2014 Awaken Collection Swatches and Review: Cole

Zoya Cole (3 coats)

I have a new camera! It just so happens to be the same camera that Max from Catfish has. I will need some time to get used to it, so please bear with me while I make the transition. Oh, and go Wisconsin tonight! I have them winning the whole thing. 

I never bought any of the spring Zoya polishes last year, so when they had the get 3 for $16 and 3 free mini bottles a few months ago I picked some up to wear this year. Cole is an orange creme with some peachy undertones. I love the color, but the formula had much to be desired. It was streaky and thick while still needing 3 coats. I feel that OPI has had a few awesome orange cremes recently (such as Where Did Suzi's Man-go?), so I might recommend one of those instead. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ LynBDesigns The Doctor Is In Collection Swatches and Review: Time and Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS!)

LynBDesigns Time and Relative Dimension in Space (3 coats)

Hi guys! Who isn't a huge Doctor Who fan? I was a bigger fan back in the day during the Tennant days, but that's just me. I really like LynBDesigns on Etsy, especially since she has sales quite often. Tonight I have Tardis which is a deep blue jelly with silver, blue, navy and charcoal square glitter. The glitter looks really interesting suspended in the jelly, doesn't it? Tardis is quite pigmented, but looks best with 3 coats to get some great layered glitter. You can get this right now for only $8!