Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Zoya Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection Swatches and Reviews Part III

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Hi guys! Sorry for the absence the last few days. I was fighting that allergic reaction for a few days, and last night I went and got the new iPhone 8 plus. I'm loving it so far! Tonight we're continuing the marathon that is the Zoya Sophisticates Collection. No more small talk, let's do this!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Zoya Fall 2017 Lipstick Swatches and Reviews

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Hi guys! Tonight I have swatches of the latest 7 Zoya lipsticks. There's a BOGO Free sale going on for the next few hours, so I wanted to get this out ASAP. Yup, you'll get 2 Zoya lipsticks for just $12 with free shipping on orders over $25 until midnight (EST) tonight! I was going to post these reviews with the lipsticks on my lips, but I happened to have an allergic reaction to something I ate so my lips are a swollen painful mess right now. I will mention that I've found all Zoya lipsticks to be moisturizing (even their matte finishes) and last around 3-5 hours depending on the color. Swatch time!

L-R Addie, Bristol, Izzy

Addie: a nude cream with some pink undertones. It was the lightest of the shades and was also one of the more pigmented colors.
Bristol: a medium wine cream. It looks more intimidating in the tube, but I think this will be a wearable color for the fall. 
Izzy: an opaque fuchsia cream. It has a bit more red in it to my eye. 

L-R Layne, Lucky, Maggie, Tommy

Layne: a dusty rose/mauve cream. This is my favorite from the collection and it was really pigmented. 
Lucky: a bright, cool-toned pink cream. It's a fun burst of color for a fall set. 
Maggie: a medium berry cream. Once applied it looks a little like Layne, but it's definitely more red. 
Tommy: a deep blue/purple cream. Whoa, what an intense color! It's outside of their "normal" colors, but I'm glad to see they're looking outside the box. 

Natural Light Shade (3 swipes of color)

Natural Light Direct Sunlight (3 swipes of color)

Well there you have it! I hope this gives you a chance to pick up any colors you're interested in before the sale goes away. These retail for $12, which is a fair price, but you can get these for $6 using the code ZLIP now. What do you think? You can find out more about Zoya and their lipsticks on their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages.

*These lipsticks were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Zoya Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection Swatches and Reviews Part II

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Hi guys! Not much is going on around here. I'm not traveling for a couple more weeks, and I'm super happy about that. Dancing With the Stars was good last night. Jordan and Lindsey seem to be the front-runners, but I'm rooting for Frankie Muniz. Tonight I'll be finishing up the first half of the Sophisticates collection from Zoya. Let's get to some swatches!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Zoya Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection Swatches and Reviews Part I

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Hi guys! Dancing With the Stars is back on tonight, and you know I'll be watching. Watching from the beginning is the best so you can watch the good and the bad. Tonight I have the first 3 polishes from the Zoya 2017 Sophisticates Collection. The days are getting shorter and the weather is slowly getting cooler. Well, ever-so-slightly cooler here in NC. And with the changing weather we get some new transitional colors to get us through the early fall months. This is a 12-piece collection with a mix of cremes, shimmers, and pearls, so we need to get into some swatches.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lollipop Posse Lacquer Summer 2017 Mix Tape: Overdrive Edition: But My Hands are Busy in the Air and She Lives On the Borderline

Hi guys! Tonight I have a new brand on the blog, and I've been meaning to try them for months. When I saw swatches from the Lollipop Posse Lacquer Summer 2017 collection I knew I had to get a couple. I ordered on August 8th and received my shipping notice on the 13th. When the package didn't move for over a week I went ahead and e-mailed them. Apparently three labels were misplaced and mine was one of them. Karen shipped the items the next day and gave me a 20% discount on my next order to make up for the delay. I must say, it was all handled quickly and professionally and I'll definitely be back to order more items. A+ for customer service. Now how are the polishes? 

Monday, September 11, 2017

More Zoya Swatches and Reviews: Flynn, Josie, Lotus

Hi guys! I was traveling for work again this past week and I'm still feeling the exhaustion. This time I was in Texas and I was lucky enough to see my mother and sister-in-law! I don't get to see them often, so it was great to visit with them after work. Oh, and I hope all my readers in Texas and the Southeast are safe and sound from the recent hurricanes. My thoughts are with you during this tough time. On a lighter note, I have a few more random swatches from classic collections from Zoya. I'm still working my way through the latest Sophisticates Collection for Fall 2017, but it will be up in a week or 2. Shall we get to some reviews?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection Swatches and Reviews: Part II

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Hi guys! Tonight I have the second half of the Julie G Bohemian Dreams collection to share with you. To be honest, I haven't been this impressed with a mainstream collection in months, especially at the price point. Speaking of pricing, individual bottles retail for $3.99, but you can buy the whole collection for just $9.95 on the Jesse's Girl website. I don't often say this, but I recommend buying the whole set to save yourself some major bucks...and because it's a beautiful collection. So how about we get to the final reviews? 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection Swatches and Reviews: Part I

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Hi guys! I tried getting this post up last night, but it ended up taking me longer to edit the photos. Seriously, I think I spend the most time editing photos these days. Yesterday was Labor Day and I had a relaxing 3-day weekend. Tonight I have a new limited edition collection from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics called Bohemian Dreams. The bottles are the same, but the caps have a faux wood grain finish over the top. I should have taken a picture of the bottle, but of course I forgot. If you look closely at a few of the photos you can get a sense of what it looks like. While I like that they did something a little different to the bottle, I must admit that it's not my favorite look and it doesn't look very realistic. But still, for $3.99 a bottle, I'm not going to be picky. You should be able to find these at your local Rite Aid store or on the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics website. If you happen to like all of the colors, you can catch the whole set for just $9.95. So yeah, if you like 2-3 of the colors, you may as well buy the 6-piece collection and gift the others. Shall we get started?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Polish 'M July 2017 Polish Pickup Exclusive Swatches and Review: Ripped in Rio de Janiero

Polish 'M Ripped in Rio de Janiero (3 coats)

Hi guys! TGIF! Things are finally getting back to normal around here. There are a few good Labor Day sales going on so I may pick up a few polishes. It also just happens to be the weekend for the Polish Pickup pre-order. I've held off for a few hours, but I'll be buckling later tonight. I just can't narrow my list down! The theme is Fall Foliage and Fun and the makers knocked it out of the park. There's a variety of colors and finishes, and there's something for everyone. Tonight I have the last color I bought from the July Polish Pickup and features one of my favorite makers, Polish 'M. 

Ripped in Rio de Janiero is a bright orange leaning coral with gold flakes and shimmer and galaxy microglitter. If there's an orange polish, you know I'm buying it. Summer doesn't end after Labor Day in hot North Carolina, so I have plenty of time to still wear this one. I used 3 thin coats for the swatches above, but you may get away with 2 if you have shorter nails or use thicker coats. It dries with a bit of texture, so make sure to use a thicker topcoat. Removal will be a little bit of a pain with the microglitter, but isn't terrible. 

Again, you can learn more about the Polish Pickup on their Facebook page and website and the pre-order began today with flat-rate shipping of just $3. What will you be buying? Have a great extended weekend!