Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Fall 2012 Spicy Dream Collection: Brown Sugar

Jessica Cosmetics Brown Sugar (2 coats)

Woot, it's the weekend! I just woke up at noon and started watching Ohio State football...all is well with the world. What are you doing?

I must admit that Brown Sugar is easily my least favorite of the collection. It's a red-based chocolate color with a fine sprinkling of silver shimmer that makes it lean toward a frost. I'm sure there's a market out there for this color, but it's just not for me. The formula was like the rest of the collection which was slightly thick, but not an issue.

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beachgal said...

Ohio! Oh no. They were for yrs an arch nemesis of 'my' team, USC. Went to a # of very sad Rose Bowl games when Ohio trounced USC. I watched USC/Stanford game and relished that I was enjoying fog on the beach vs. the 110 degrees it's doing inland just a tish from me.

Agree - this is oh so not my shade. Red browns never work on me. I always have to really watch picking out brown eyeliners and shadows 'cause even a tish of red in them will give me that horrible crying eye look. Ditto on the hands. Not too sure who can wear red browns.

This one might have been redeemed if it were a true shimmer they had put some gold into. But that lean to frost is really ick. I get the feeling this frost thing is trying to make a come back - but most seem to hate that finish. What's old is new again always seems to work eventually...but I can only hope frosty polishes and super frosty lipsticks never come back into fashion while I still care about anything current!