Tuesday, September 18, 2012

China Glaze Spring 2012 Prismatic Glitters Collection: Prism

China Glaze Prism (2 coats)

Gah, guess what this girl didn't do? Yup, I forgot to add the pictures from the last Jessica Cosmetics polish to my computer, so I guess you guys are going to be stuck with an old one tonight. The Prismatic collection came out ages ago, but I just got a few from the last Sally's Beauty Supply sale. Prism is a purple/blue duochrome with lots of different colored glitters added in there. I love the depth that the other colors bring to the polish, and it makes it seem less boring. The formula was a tiny bit thick, but that's due to how heavily glittered this sucker is....2 coats was enough for opacity. I'm loving these! 


Kimberley said...


beachgal said...

When these came out I was about at the end of my buy buy buy of glitters, seeing as I had tons of shades and rarely wore any of them. But these so pulled at my heart strings because the colors looked so pretty.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

This is a great polish!