Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Fall 2012 Spicy Dream Collection: Pumpkin Delight

Jessica Cosmetics Pumpkin Delight (2 coats)

Blarg, for the past 2 days I've had one of those headaches that won't go away, even with ibuprofin. Some people seem to think this is from the weather changes, but I'm a little dubious. Hopefully a good night of sleep will help tonight. 

Pumpkin Delight is probably my favorite of the collection. It is a foil duochrome that changes from a copper red to gold depending on the angle. The formula was again a little thick, but not enough to need thinner. I think we need more unique foils like this one for the fall, what do you think?

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Kas said...

It's a pretty fall colour but it's not something that I would wear. Mainly because it would look awk on me :P

Kimberley said...


beachgal said...

Really pretty - like Kas said - not too sure it would look OK on me. I do agree - we need more fall shades that have this kind of finish - fun, fun. If Misa was sold around me and I did not have to pay shipping, I would spring for this one and give it a try. It's the iffy shades I don't know if I will really wear and the shipping that stops me (that and lack of much space left - I know...I need to clean out and get going on selling all the bins of dupes I don't need).

Hope your headaches go by-by - drink tons of water, decent sleep like you said - maybe it's something at work you are sensitive to? Go for a walk outside on your breaks maybe that will help?

Unknown said...

Just came across your blog today...yay!!!

Love the pumpkin spice!! I need this color!! SOoo pretty!