Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Fall 2012 Spicy Dream Collection: Crimson Tattoo

Jessica Cosmetics Crimson Tattoo (2 coats)

Yes, fall collections are all around us. I haven't bought too many yet, but I'm sure things will change once the weather decides to cool down. This hasn't stopped me from buying candy corn already though-oops! 

Jessica Cosmetics has released a fall collection called Spicy Dream which is a pretty terrible name if you ask me. Despite the name, it is full of fall goodness. Up first is Crimson Tattoo which is dark vampy red jelly. With the first coat, you can easily see the red in it, but the second really blackens it up. I like it, but I wish it were a little lighter-colors this dark make it hard to capture on my camera. The formula was a little thick, but fine otherwise.

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beachgal said...

This one is a lot to something for me to look good in/like on my own skin tone. I have others along this line and only wore them 1 time. Something about red and brown mix does not look good on me - ages me - turns my skin a odd tone. I have the same thing with brown eyeliners/shadows. They have to have no red/purple in them or I get the crying eye look. Trying to think of which ones I have name wise that this looks a lot like but since they are not in my go to stash cannot come up with a name even. Thinking maybe some of the shades from OPI France and Russian collections that did not work on me had shades like this. Like you, I have not gotten into the fall shades yet - it's going to still be blasting hot here for another month before we hit cooler weather. I about died yesterday having to go inland about 60 miles and hit 88 degree weather - I know...I am a whimp - I hate hot. When I have to go down to So. Cali area I just about cook. The 'natives' can run around in sweats and I am in shorts! Cannot wait for fall - maybe next pedi I need to do this week, I will pull out a fall shade. I am done with summer brights and moved into golden reds, teals too for my transition shades.

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