Sunday, September 2, 2012

Julep July 2012 Maven Box: Daphne

Julep Daphne (3 coats)

Well, it's almost officially fall. No, not because it's getting any cooler outside (it was 95 degrees today), but because I was able to buy some Brach's Autumn Mix. I just love those marshmallow pumpkins, while my husband likes the chocolate ones. Oh, and college football has started (go Ohio State!). Say, are you excited about fall? As long as it doesn't get too cold, I'm ok with it. When I lived in Ohio, there was barely a fall and got cold pretty fast. 

Daphne ended up in my possession with the July Maven It Girl Box, and I was really excited about it. It's a dusty blue creme with lots of green undertones. It was a bit sheerer than most of my Julep polishes and needed 3 coats for full coverage. I like it, but I don't feel like it's very unique. I haven't looked through my stash yet, but there has to be something similar. 

How has your weekend been going? Tomorrow is Labor Day in the US, so I have the day off tomorrow (woot!!). 

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beachgal said...

Looks nice on you. This is one of 'those' teal/aqua's that falls right on the line for me - I can wear this hue if not chalky but cannot go lighter than this for some reason - ditto in the light blues too...this is a nice shade for Sept which is Ovarian Cancer Awareness mo & teal is their identity color. Enjoy your day off!