Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sinful Colors: Vacation Time

Sinful Colors Vacation Time (2 coats)

Say, shouldn't Vacation Time by Sinful Colors be called Be Boring at Work? I do like this dusty rose creme, but it doesn't remind me of a vacation. If I'm thinking fun in the sun, I'm thinking of a bright coral or neon color, am I right? When I first saw this one at my local Walgreens, I instantly thought of CND because they seem to have several colors that remind me of this one (I don't actually own of these colors, unfortunately). The application was fine for this one; sometimes I find that Sinful Colors can be on either extreme of being too watery or really thick. 


beachgal said...
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beachgal said...

I used to wear this kind of shade a whole lot late 80s and a bit in 90's until it got the bad rape of being a grandma shade...but I never stopped liking it. I am seeing these pop up again now..thinking of Essie Marathin from the recent Yogogo collection...and that Marathin was goners first out of all the local collections & few have ever shown up on eBay. I finally got one and am happy to have it as I don't have a shade like this that is newer in my stash. I have an old OPI thinking it might be Nantucket Mist - but that one is lighter - still the same hue range and also was discontinued and commands a big $$$ on secondary market if you run into it...so time to bring these shades back I think. I also think the name is really bad for this one ... the editors must have had a brain fart on coming up with anything good for this one. Ashes of Roses or if it's not copyrighted...Thornbirds would have been a good name