Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zoya Summer 2012 Beach Collection: Wednesday

Zoya Wednesday (2 coats)

Happy Saturday! It's a bright, sunny day in North Carolina and all is well. I hope you weekend is off to a good start. I think some Chinese food may be in order for today, as well as some grocery shipping know, exciting stuff. There's a food truck festival that we may be going to tomorrow, so that should be fun. I know larger cities have food trucks, and I'm so jealous. It looks like it is finally catching on around here, thank goodness. 

When I first saw Zoya's Wednesday, I thought of China Glaze For Audrey. They are both beautiful turquoise creams, but I found Wednesday to be a bit darker with more green in it. I don't find them to be dupes, but they are similar. It is also in the same vein as BB Couture Hangover Blues, but that one contains shimmer in it. Wednesday isn't completely unique, but it is different enough to warrant the purchase. I'm always a fan of turquoise polishes and jewelry, so I had to get this one. 

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beachgal said...

I love looking at this one but did not pop for it. I have so many I have tried in this hue range that look horrible on me (including Audrey)..something about the white in them turns my hands red looking. I can wear Essie Turq. & Caicos. This one kind of looks like that one with the more green in it like you said...wonder if there is a compare on the web? Was just on the Zoya site yesterday trying to decide if I was going to put in a pre order to nab one of those holiday gold toppers - hate to have to get the whole set with the black and white creams that I don't need and won't use just to get the topper. But when OPI releases theirs it might be harder to get my hands on - hard to tell...and I only want one if it really looks like gold leaf and not a chunky glitter topper. Food - thanks a lot - I am trying to loose weight here. Food trucks - not here either. We had a guy with a hot dog cart trying to make it during tourist season and it went badly for him. My market re-modeled and they don't have the veggies to do stir fry anymore - boo-hoo. I filled out one of those request forms and hope a ton of other folks do too. They took away a ton of stuff and increased all the processed/frozen food section.