Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zoya Fall 2012 Designer Collection: Evvie

Zoya Evvie (2 coats)

Hi guys, I had a little time before seminar, so I thought I'd post a little something. I spent the morning playing with arsenic (yay for being a soil scientist!) so that's always fun. Everything else has been pretty boring for me lately. 

What's not boring is Evvie, which was created by designer Peter Som for his fall collection. It's a mix of dark grey and teal and is quite a unique color. I love looking at polishes that you're not sure what they are when you first glance at them. I wasn't a huge fan of the other colors in this collection, but Evvie is pretty awesome. The application and formula was great, and was opaque in 2 coats. Lovely! 


beachgal said...

Have heard this has some teal in it but never seen it leaning teal in any photos. I have it on my maybe list for a Zoya order but wondering if it's going to be another gray like so many I have already in this med/deep hue range. Love to know if you really do see the teal 'twist' this has and maybe it just does not photograph?

So are you teaching a seminar or doing advance ed of your own? Arsenic - been in the news last week a lot with the whole 'it's in rice thing & warnings to restrict rice products esp for young and elderly. Anyone who knows their history knows arsenic was commonly used in 'cure-all' medications that were sold before their was any FDA kind of body in the US. I have an old antique liquid med bottle with it's label on it still saying it has some % of arsenic in it.

Write me if you can about the teal in Evvie. Love to know how much it shows or changes it from all the other med/dark gray creams.

Curious what you are thinking of some of the holiday collections out there that are starting to be revealed.

cupper82 said...

Hi, beachgal! I do see some teal in it, for sure. I never thought it looked straight on grey to me.

Our department has a weekly seminar series that brings in others from different universities. Ah yes, arsenic in rice. That's actually similar to one of the projects going on in the lab from samples from Bangladesh where there are extremely high concentrations of arsenic in groundwater (it's being leached from redox reactions in the soil which contains lots of bound arsenic). This groundwater is then being used to irrigate rice fields, hence the issue. This issue has been around forever, so this warning is a little ridiculous.

Well, I think the OPI James Bond collection looks like a snooze, and we shall see from Zoya...they might be cool, but I'm waiting for swatches. The China Glaze collection looks like it has way too many reds, so that's a bit boring, too. My wallet is pretty safe so far. What do you think?