Monday, February 27, 2017

Tonic Nail Polish Holiday 2016 Swatches and Reviews Part I

Hi guys! Today was a manic Monday, as usual. I'll definitely be watching The Bachelor tonight (as I have all season) since it's the Fantasy Suite episode. These are usually extra cringey, and I can't wait to watch it! You've probably heard a lot about the newish brand Tonic Nail Polish, that is, unless you don't follow the indie nail scene. The owner and maker is Lindsey, and she really started her brand off with a bang. I believe it was only about 7 months ago that she opened up shop, and now she is one of the most popular brands out there. Tonight I'll be posting the first 3 polishes from the holiday collection, and they are all beautiful multichrome holo polishes. The Tonic Nail Polish Etsy site is currently in vacation mode until Lindsey gets over the flu and caught up with orders, but I believe this collection will be restocked when she gets back.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Polish 'M Mardi Gras Trio 2017 Swatches and Reviews

Hi guys! TGIF! It should be a fairly quiet weekend around here now that my food poisoning is all cleared up. We will likely be going to a local nursery for a tour (and to buy lots of plants). Tonight I have the Polish 'M Mardi Gras trio. In case you didn't know, Mardi Gras is this coming Tuesday, but you know everyone is celebrating this weekend. I've never been, but it's something that looks fun and intriguing. Polish 'M has never had Mardi Gras themed polishes before, but this year she has a trio of colors that can be purchased as a trio (for $20) or individually for various prices. I want to first mention that, at the time of this posting, all of the polishes are available in the Polish 'M store with limited quantities. Shall we get to some pictures?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Different Dimension Black Friday Mystery Polish #6: Welcome

Different Dimension Welcome (3 coats)

Hi guys! I know, I'm posting 2 days in a row! Your excitement may be short-lived because the polish I have tonight is no longer on sale. On the bright side, there are some other polishes from Different Dimension with the same iridescent glitter in different base colors.

Welcome was a Black Friday exclusive polish and is a murky green jelly base with that red to green shifting glitter. It's a jelly, so it was really sheer and I still had a tiny bit of visible nail line after 3 coats. While this is no longer for sale, the whole Intergalactic Collection features the color-shifting glitter shown here. If you don't want to miss out on anything Different Dimension, make sure to follow them on their websiteFacebook, or Instagram pages.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Different Dimension Intergalactic Collection Swatches and Review: Ghost of Jupiter

Different Dimension Ghost of Jupiter (3 coats)

Hi guys! So I got food poisoning last week. I had all intentions to blog, but it's really hard to do that with all that comes with food poisoning. On the bright side, I'm doing better and I'm ready to blog! Tonight I have a polish from the Different Dimension Intergalactic Collection called Ghost of Jupiter. Do you know what the Ghost of Jupiter is? It's a planetary nebula in the constellation Hydra which was discovered by the German astronomer William Herschel. Why can't you learn something new while painting your nails? I'm a little disappointed with my photos to be honest. I just don't think I really did this polish justice. It's such a dazzling color, but it just doesn't come across that way. At the same time, I'm my own worst critic.

With that aside, Ghost of Jupiter is silver holographic glitter polish with iridescent red to green shifting glitter in a clear base. This one is packed with glitter, so you can easily get full opacity without a base color. That said, it's definitely a thicker polish to apply. I didn't find the need to apply thinner, but you may need to, depending on your formula preference. I used 3 thinner coats for the photos above, but if you have shorter nails or use a heavier hand, you should be able to get away with 2. You may want to swipe the ends a few extra times since that's where I find I get some bald spots. Overall, this is such a gorgeous polish, and I don't think I have anything quite like it.

This is still for sale on the Different Dimension website, and it retails for $11. If you don't want to miss out on anything Different Dimension, make sure to follow them on their websiteFacebook, or Instagram pages.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top Shelf Lacquer Mystery Grab Bag Swatches and Reviews

Hi guys! Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight I don't have a specific Valentine's Day polish for you, but I recently bought a Mystery Grab Bag from Top Shelf Lacquer which included several Valentine's Day-appropriate colors. I know a lot of people want to know exactly what they're buying, but I sort of like the surprise. They still have this set for sale in both full-size and mini versions (8 mL) if you are interested. I bought the mini bottles, and I'm actually really impressed with the bottle size/shape and brush. I think 8 mL is quite generous, and I had no issues with applying the polishes with the miniature versions. Shall we get to the main event?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Different Dimension Black Friday Mystery Polish #4: Harvest

Different Dimension Mystery #4 Harvest (2 coats)

I know, a Sunday post from me! Unfortunately the polish I have to show you was a mystery polish from the Different Dimension Black Friday sale so it is no longer for sale. This is definitely a polarizing color, so it may not be for you anyway. Of course I'm a huge fan of ugly-but-interesting colors like Harvest. It's a butterscotch color with gold flakes and a linear holo finish. While this one is not for sale anymore, Different Dimension tends to make colors similar to this one. There's one for sale right now called Peregrination which is a bit more gold and less brown, but is still in the same vein. There's also Knot On My Watch which is also on the site and for sale. I know it's really frustrating not having any other options for a color you want, so I hope these other options can help you out. 

If you don't want to miss out on anything Different Dimension, make sure to follow them on their websiteFacebook, or Instagram pages.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 Lipstick Swatches and Reviews: Cameron, Maxwell, and Paisley

*press samples*

Top to Bottom: Paisley, Maxwell, Cameron

Zoya Cameron

Up first is is Cameron which is a nude creme lipstick. I don't tend to wear nude lipsticks, so I can't say I'd wear this daily. It's a warm beige color, which matches my skin tone well enough, but it's a little too light for me. As it started to wear off during the day, it didn't leave any awkward bald spots on my lips which is nice. 

Zoya Maxwell

 Maxwell is a deep plum with a matte finish and a fine sprinkling of fuchsia shimmer. I found that it didn't dry out my lips too much despite being a matte lipstick. Also, I didn't need to prep my lips for the application which is a plus. I like a bold lip, so Maxwell is my pick of the 3. 

Zoya Paisley

The last lipstick I have to show you is Paisley which is a sheer rose creme with a shiny finish. This is definitely the most wearable shade. If you have really pigmented lips you will have to apply a few more layers of this to show up.

You can find these on the Zoya website right now for $12 each. I think this is a fair price (it's pretty much between drugstore and mid-end lipstick prices). You can find out more about Zoya on their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages.

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

Monday, February 6, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 Collection Swatches and Reviews: Part II

*press samples*

Hi guys! My parents were in town last week/weekend so I didn't get the chance to blog. If I were more organized, I would have finished the post early to go up, but I'm not that good. Oops! As far as I know, I have nothing to get in the way of blogging this week. Next weekend I'll be going to LA for work, so let's see if I can get ahead. Tonight I'll be finishing up the the polishes from The Naturel 3 collection and the 3 lipsticks will be posted later this week. Without further ado, shall we get to the reviews?