Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top Shelf Lacquer Mystery Grab Bag Swatches and Reviews

Hi guys! Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight I don't have a specific Valentine's Day polish for you, but I recently bought a Mystery Grab Bag from Top Shelf Lacquer which included several Valentine's Day-appropriate colors. I know a lot of people want to know exactly what they're buying, but I sort of like the surprise. They still have this set for sale in both full-size and mini versions (8 mL) if you are interested. I bought the mini bottles, and I'm actually really impressed with the bottle size/shape and brush. I think 8 mL is quite generous, and I had no issues with applying the polishes with the miniature versions. Shall we get to the main event?

Top Shelf Lacquer Mauvelous Berry Spritzer (2 coats)

I think you will see a theme for the names of the polishes. I don't really drink, but I like that they stick with names of drinks. Up first is Mauvelous Berry Spritzer which is a light mauve creme with a linear holo finish from the Summertime Spritzer collection. It's a great neutral color and I'm digging the rainbow. If you work in a conservative environment, wear this one and smile in the corner while you look at your nails. Apparently I'm telling you to be the weird one at work.

Top Shelf Lacquer Pink Bikini (3 coats)

When I first opened the polishes, I was instantly attracted to Pink Bikini the most. You guys know I love contrasting shimmer, and this one happens to have tons of it! It's a bubblegum pink base with loads of blue and pink glass-flecked shimmer. I really adore this one. It was a bit sheerer than the others (it still applied effortlessly) and I needed 3 coats to cover the VNL and add some depth to the shimmer. You definitely need to purchase this! 

Top Shelf Lacquer Purple-Rita (2 coats)

Purple-Rita comes from the Margarita Time Collection and features a deep berry purple color with a linear holo finish. The formula was just perfect, and needed 2 coats for full coverage. 

Top Shelf Lacquer Red Hot Valentine (3 coats)

And finally we have the most appropriate polish for today named Red Hot Valentine. It's a nice red creme that leans a little pink in my pictures above. I find that many indies do a great job at creme polishes, but not as many do them because they are more readily available from mainstream lines. That said, I still really like this one, but I don't find it as unique as the others above.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the polishes from Amy at Top Shelf Lacquer. Will I be buying again? Definitely! As a blogger, I tend to buy mini bottles if I can because I never really finish polish bottles unless we're talking about basecoats and topcoats. Again, I got 4 of these mini bottles for only $18, and I found that to be steal. Check Top Shelf Lacquer's website, Instagram, and Facebook pages for more information.