Monday, February 6, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 Collection Swatches and Reviews: Part II

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Hi guys! My parents were in town last week/weekend so I didn't get the chance to blog. If I were more organized, I would have finished the post early to go up, but I'm not that good. Oops! As far as I know, I have nothing to get in the way of blogging this week. Next weekend I'll be going to LA for work, so let's see if I can get ahead. Tonight I'll be finishing up the the polishes from The Naturel 3 collection and the 3 lipsticks will be posted later this week. Without further ado, shall we get to the reviews?

Zoya Jill (2 coats)

Jill is a light mauve/brown creme that I like with my skintone. I'm a little on the fence with this one. Would you consider this a grandma shade? I guess when I think of mauve, I think of a safe color. Either way, it applied well in just 2 coats. 

Zoya Mary (2 coats)

Up next is Mary which Zoya calls a raisin creme. I always think of the color raisin to be more of a purple/brown whereas Mary is more of a straight up brown. Pictures show 2 coats and it was easy to apply. 

Zoya Tatum (2 coats)

A surprise stand-out was Tatum which is the lightest color from the collection. It's a warm camel creme that gives me lobster hands in pictures, but I'm not going to hold that against Tatum. I'm not sure how this will look on cool-toned skin (maybe the lobster hands will be worse?), but I'm a huge fan of it. It pretty much applied itself in just 2 coats.

Overall, I really liked this collection. My recommendations would be Debbie, Tatum, and Cathy. I would definitely consider you skintone before making your color selections. Zoya polishes retail for $10 and you can find out more about them on their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages. Keep an eye out for them in your local Ulta store if you want to see the bottles in person before you buy.

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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