Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zoya Summer 2012 Surf Collection: Meg

Zoya Meg (2 coats)

If you still have a Sally's Beauty Supply open, you may want to stop there today to look at their clearance section since it is 50% all red clearance items. I got 5 of the China Glaze Safari colors for $1.85 each! They actually weren't on the clearance table, but when I looked at them in their usual spot, I noticed they had red tags on them. The rest of the selection was pretty picked over already, so I just got those 5 colors. 

Now this is what Zoya is really good at! Meg is a yellow-based apple green foil (that's a mouthful) that is so pretty. Zoya has a few other yellow-based greens like this such as Apple and Midori, to name a few. The application was ok, but not the best. Overall, I find these foils very attractive, and if you're a green lover like me, this one should be on your list to buy. 

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