Saturday, September 8, 2012

Indie Brands: Hare Polish in The Sky was Pink

Hare Polish The Sky was Pink (3 coats)

Hola! I actually got this one before the other 2 Hare Polishes I showed, but my husband wiped the SD card on the camera to a flash drive and I forgot about it. No worries, I found it, and am ready to show The Sky was Pink to you. I am a huge fan of Hare Polish, but the price point stops me from buying them all (they are around $10-$13, depending on where you buy it). Oh, and they are really hard to get a hold of. The Sky was Pink is a bright pink color with tons of blue and purple glitter. The application was fine, but needed 3 coats since the pink isn't too opaque. I love Hare Polishes and want them all! 

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beachgal said...

I love combos of fuchsia like pinks with this kind of blue - it's positively electric and makes my eyes pop out looking at them! Glad you found this one to share.