Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chaos & Crocodiles Swatch and Review: Color Wheel Chaos

Chaos & Crocodiles Color Wheel Chaos (2 coats) over 2 coats Butter London Slapper

This is my first try with the indie brand Chaos & Crocodiles (love the name). I'm not really sure if the crocodile's name is Chaos or if it just brings chaos. Either way, that lovely creature is featured on every product they sell. Unfortunately, they open just a few times a year, and I got really lucky one time. My apologies for not posting this last month when there was a pre-order, but I had no idea it was happening. Apparently after all pre-orders go out, they will be talking about restocks, so there is still hope. Just go ahead and stalk their Facebook page

The polish I have to show is called Color Wheel Chaos and this one should be called Clown Puke. It basically has every type or color of glitter you can get into a bottle. I love and cherish this colorful bottle that I have. Of course it has so much glitter that you have to dab some of it on because this sucker is glitter dense. If you happen to make it into the hour-long restock times, definitely pick this up on their website


Deb said...

Your Dad agrees with you. Clown Puke is a better name! I think it has a 70's look to it. Anyways, I like it!

Mike Matteson said...

I love this polish, and I love the name of the company. I like to think that the crocs are drawn to the chaos.