Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Barielle Summer 2014 Keys Collection Swatches and Reviews: Panama Pina Colada, Paradise in the Tropics and Topless in St. Tropez

*press samples*

Barielle Panama Pina Colada (2 coats)

My apologies for the weird lighting with Panama Pina Colada. I just could not get it to photograph right for some reason. The camera really wanted to make it darker than it really is. It's a really soft yellow creme with a pretty easy formula. For some reason it wasn't happy with the topcoat I used with it either (I think it was NYC Grand Central Station which I never have problems with). It's a nice yellow, but realize that it is a bit more muted in real life.

Barielle Paradise in the Tropics (2 coats)

Remember yesterday when I told you I was going to mention Barefoot in Bermuda again? Well, this is why; they look really similar for the same collection. I do realize that Barefoot has more pink in it, but I think they could have put a green or blue in here for good measure, right? Anyway, Paradise in the Tropics is a fuchsia creme. 

Barielle Topless in St. Tropez (2 coats)

And finally, we come to Topless in St. Tropez which is my second favorite of the collection. It is a bright pink with coral accents and a sprinkling of shimmer (you may have to click the picture to see it bigger). I could see it in real life, so I'm not going to complain about shimmer in the bottle that disappears on the nail. This is perfect for summer, and the shimmer addition sets it apart from other pink corals. 

Overall, I can see what they were going for with this collection-a sunset. Well, at least that's how I took it. The colors presented are perfect for it. Again, would I have liked to see a blue or green? Yes, of course. That doesn't mean the collection is a fail by any means.

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