Thursday, July 31, 2014

Essie Summer 2014 Collection Swatch and Review: Fierce, No Fear

Essie Fierce, No Fear (2 coats)

I can't wait for tomorrow! This week has been dragging and I can't wait for Friday. I hope you enjoyed my Zoya swatches yesterday. As you can probably tell, it takes a bit of work to make posts like that, so I'm always in awe of bloggers who can post that many every day. 

Fierce, No Fear is a medium chocolate brown creme. The first picture shows the color in direct bright light, while the second 2 are more in indirect light. This one would definitely fit in with the Zoya Naturel Deux collection. I'm proud of Essie for taking a chance and putting a brown out for summer. It is the odd man out, but that's exactly why I picked it up. The formula was fine and not too watery and opaque in 2 coats. What do you think of brown in the summer?

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