Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zoya Spring 2013 Lovely Collection Swatch: Piaf

Zoya Piaf (3 coats)

What an exciting day! I went to the Raleigh Pen Show where we got several fountain pens and supplies (if interested, check out my husband's pen/ink blog and our haul here). You can get ink in any color of the rainbow just like nail polish. 

When I first saw the Zoya Lovely collection, I wasn't blown away, but Piaf piqued my interested. It's an interesting yellow color with a hint of mustard and green with lots of silver shimmer. It may not look great on all skintones for sure. I found it gave me a bit of lobster hands in pictures, but other than that it looked fine. If you want a unique yellow color, Piaf may be for you. Since it is a yellow, it does have some application and formula issues. It was a bit thick, but also needed 3 coats for full coverage so definitely try to make thin coats. Overall, this is a cool one. 

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