Sunday, December 7, 2014

Right on the Nail ~ Rainbow Honey October Mystery Bag Swatch & Review: Cafe Con Leche

Rainbow Honey Cafe Con Leche (2 coats)

When I first opened my October Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, I was surprised to find only 2 nail polishes (1 was a full sized basecoat). I was also a little surprised to see this light brown polish with gold and silver flakes called Cafe Con Leche. The name is oh so appropriate, but a lot of people worry about colors like these. These almost nude colors can look really bad with some skintones so I'm surprised they busted this out for October. I like the concept, but I don't really like it on me. I do appreciate the pretty flakes they put in there though. Unlike the application problems I sometimes have with Rainbow Honey minis, this one was perfect in 2 coats.

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