Friday, September 18, 2009

Glitters glitters glitters!

China Glaze Carnival Lights (2 coats)

Gah, I still don't know why some of my pictures rotate like this. It doesn't show up this way on any other programs I open them on. Weird. Anyway, as many of you have heard, China Glaze is coming out with 50 new glitters here soon. Most are already available to purchase at Victoria's Nail Supply so check there first. Today is Carnival Lights that is a pink jelly with larger multicolored glitter and a dusting of small silver glitter. I do love this color, and it applied like a charm (with only 2 coats!).

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Sandi said...

I believe the large multicolored glitter you're seeing is actually holo glitter. This one was my favorite although Meteor Shower and Atlantis aren't far behind.