Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles Nail Lacquer Collection: Gummy Green

Hard Candy Gummy Green (2 coats)

Yup, Hard Candy joined the opaque color with mixed glitter trend and released 8 new sprinkled colors. I've reviewed a few Nails Inc. polishes that look like these, and I know Deborah Lippmann released some as well, so this isn't new territory. That doesn't mean I don't love how these look (especially for the $4 price tag). Gummy Green is a mint green color with black and silver hexagonal glitter, and if you look really close, you can see some black micro glitter as well. 

1. I don't really like the new bottles with no cheap ring. I really wanted the ring. Just me? 
2. The formula on this one was extremely thick. It only needed 2 coats, but it was glooping up so bad in the opening it was hard to get the polish out. Thinner city if you ask me.

Other than these complaints, I plan on getting a few more of the new Hard Candy polishes.