Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Emily de Molly Nail Colour Swatches and Review: Now and Later

Emily de Molly Now and Later (2 coats)

Hi guys! I've been super busy with work, but I just wanted to do a quick review of an Emily de Molly color. I've been sitting on these swatches for a few months, and I have no idea why it's taken me so long to show these. I believe these were also taken with my old camera. I don't know if you guys noticed or not, but I got a new camera earlier this year. I've been super happy with the results, and I hope you are, too. This is the first time I'm showing Emily de Molly on the blog, but I've gone back and made a few purchases because I've been so impressed with the complexity of their polishes. They're an Australian brand, but don't worry, they have a U.S. distribution shipping center so you won't be paying that outrageous international shipping. 

Remember the candy Now and Later? I have a love/hate relationship with them because I like that they last a long time, but I always want to chew it before it's soft enough. Didn't know you were here for candy reviews, huh? Now and Later the polish is a bright neon pink that verges on coral, with small hexagonal silver glitter, and a gold shimmer finish. Emily de Molly has extremely interesting color combinations and often combines different finishes to really make them different than other indies. I used 2 coats for the swatches above, and I had no issues with the formula. 

I bought this one on sale for only $6, and it's still available! It's totally worth it, and do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a couple extra while you're deserve it. You can find out more about Emily de Molly on their US/international website, AU website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages. 

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