Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nina Ultra Pro Crushed Velvet Collection: Velveteen Rabbit

Nina Ultra Pro Velveteen Rabbit (2 coats)

This is the first time I've tried Nina Ultra Pro nail polish that can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply stores. The collection somewhat reminds me of the new foils from the Orly Foil FX Collection. I have three from the Crushed Velvet Collection to show you this week and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Up first is Velveteen Rabbit which is a metallic gold and silver foil. I absolutely love how this one looks! Since I've never used this brand I was pleasantly surprised with the application and formula on these. Overall, it's a great start. I believe that the retail price on these is $3.49, but I was lucky enough to get the ones I did for $1.50 because my Sally's had a special one weekend. Sure, it's not quite as blingy as the Orly's but for about half the price in-store, I think these are just as good.


Paige said...

That is a beautiful color!

WizardsOfBling said...

I love it! I will look for it next time I'm at Sally's! Glad to hear the formula was good to work with! The hard candies suck.