Friday, March 12, 2010

Maybelline Limited Edition Something Sweet collection: Minty

Maybelline Minty (3 coats)

Today I have a drugstore polish from Maybelline from their limited edition Something Sweet Collection. Minty was the one that is separate from the rest of the polishes from the collection for some reason. I was lucky enough to get this one at Ulta that had a dollar off coupon with it. Unfortunately the brush on this one sucks...bad. Many people have complained about this and people on the Makeup Alley boards noticed that the polishes don't have balls in it to mix it. I think this would fix some of the issues I had with the polish. The first coat was a streaky mess, and the second wasn't much better. Finally after the third coat it was mostly opaque. That being said, what a beautiful mint green! I still need to get around to doing a comparison of all the mint greens I own.

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Paige said...

This is a nice color!