Friday, March 26, 2010

Jessica Cosmetics Daydream Spring Collection 2010: Perchance to Dream

Jessica Cosmetics Perchance to Dream (3 coats)

Sorry this is so late tonight; I was in the car driving for 4 and a half hours. Better late than never, right? Perchance to Dream is a champagne colored frost that I really like. It's almost a mannequin hand (which I'm usually not into) but I still really like it! Application was a little thick, but nothing a drop or 2 of thinner wouldn't fix. So far I am really loving this collection, even if it doesn't scream "SPRING!!!" to me.


WizardsOfBling said...

It's ok, but the others are better.

Angie | said...

I love the name :)

Angie | said...

Oh and also .. thank you thank you! :D
It looks WAY better on you :)