Friday, March 5, 2010

Guest Bloggers!

So I finally got my friends to finish up their descriptions!

Zoya Posh (2 coats)

Since I only painted my fingernails once last year, I had a difficult time branching out and even considering "fun/bright/sparkly/bold" nail colors.  Ironically, I was also the one to organize the party to revolve around Audrey's nail polish collection.  She picked out a couple of mauve colors for me with a purple tint knowing that the only nail polish I owned was a pinkish-maroon mauve color. However, the Zoya Posh matte polish caught my eye within the collection and I decided to "branch out" and give it a try.  Being a novice, I had never used a base coat or top coat before.  I applied the base with two coats of the polish (no top coat).  I found that the polish was easy to apply, dried relatively quickly and looked nice against my skin tone. Since the party, I have painted my nails a new color (Note: two colors in one week!) and am slowly catching on to this nail polish trend among my colleagues...


 Claire's hand with chocolate covered Oreos (by the way, that is me sitting in the background eating)

Up next is the polish that my friend Star picked....

Zoya Pippa and Wet N Wild Fantasy Maker
First, I applied the green basecoat by Quirius.  I waited a few minutes to allow the basecoat to dry then applied two coats of ZOYA’s Pippa. I also waited a few minutes between the first and second coat of polish.  Lastly, I applied one coat of Wet’N’Wild’s RIP bar glitter clear polish.  This particular combination of nail polishes wore well.  Days passed without chipping.  The bar glitter polish had a rainbow of colors but when applied on top of yellow the glitter appeared to be mostly pink and green.  ZOYA’s bright colors are awesome, allowing you to pull off a glitter top coat and still notice the polish underneath. 


And finally, I was playing with some green silly putty from the scientific supplier Millipore  (I can't believe I just linked Millipore to my nail polish blog!) and decided it would be fun to turn that into nail polish! Star made the bottle while I applied it to my fingers. Enjoy!


Next week we are having another party at my house where it will be Nail Polish/Watch Flight of the Conchords Season 1 on DVD. :-D I hope everyone enjoyed the posts and never be embarrassed of your nail polish addiction!