Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Color Club Summer 2011 Wicked Sweet Collection: The Lime Starts Here

Color Club The Lime Starts Here (4 coats)

Hola! I have the entire Color Club Wicked Sweet collection to show you, so I guess we should go ahead and get started. Just look how eye scorching this polish is! The Lime Starts Here is a neon lime green jelly that is wonderful in all ways except for the sheerness. Can you believe I had to use 4 coats to get (mostly) full coverage? If you used a flesh colored opaque polish as "underwear" you could definitely use fewer coats. Just make sure to use thin coats or it will take awhile to dry, even with a quick dry topcoat. What makes this collection extra special is the fact they are scented as well! As you can guess, this one smells of lime and can be detected over a topcoat. I tend to like the smell of limes so I really liked this. If you happen to be sensitive to smells, you may want to skip this collection.


Anonymous said...

I bought this collection as well. The yellow (Get Your Lem-on) takes like 5 coats and smells like cheap cough candies. I do however love Yum-Gum and Wicked Sweet! Have not tried this one but I usually like greens:)

Anonymous said...

so bright and fun!