Saturday, July 23, 2011

Misa Spring 2011 Wishes Collection: Touch the Rainbow

Misa Touch the Rainbow (3 coats)

Woo, it's the weekend! I watched Captain America tonight and it was a fun movie. I think I liked Thor better, but it was still good. Mr. Right on the Nail can't wait for The Avengers movie to come out, but they are sure taking their time releasing it in May 2012.

Touch the Rainbow is the final Wishes collection polish to show you and it is a very light sky blue shimmer. I liked the shimmer a lot, but for some reason this polish wasn't my favorite. Maybe I would've liked it better if it was a little darker, I dunno. The name also reminds me of the motto for Skittles which is Experience the Rainbow. The application was similar to other Misa polishes, but again it needed 3 coats for opacity. If you are interested in Misa polishes, you can find them at which was previously Transdesign.

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