Thursday, July 21, 2011

Misa Spring 2011 Wishes Collection: Genie in This Bottle

Misa Genie in This Bottle (3 coats)

Yay, it's almost Friday! I went soil sampling today and boy was it hot (about 100 degrees). After playing in dirt most of the early morning and afternoon, I came away with all nails intact. I did, unfortunately, scrap my middle finger which bled profusely. It didn't hurt at all, but I have a big gash on my knuckle which is the worst. It's really exciting to learn new experimental and sampling techniques though!

I got 2 polishes from the Misa Wishes collection that came out earlier this year. I regret not getting any from the 9-5:00 collection because there seemed to be some nice neutral ones that I could use between days of bright colors. Oh well, there's always the next haul. Genie in This Bottle is a light purple polish with purple and pink shimmer. This one looked really nice on the nail and applied like a dream. The only downside is that it still took 3 coats to fully cover. What is the deal? I feel like so many polishes lately need 3 coats. Come on polish companies, give us some pigmented colors!


Kimberley said...

Really pretty color!

cestmoi19 said...

I like this one a lot! Good choice! Too bad it takes 3 coats :-/