Wednesday, December 14, 2011

China Glaze Colours from the Capitol Collection Preview

Have you read The Hunger Games? I did, and I enjoyed them quite a bit. The first one was definitely my favorite, with Mockingjay being my least favorite. Due to its popularity, China Glaze is releasing a collection based on colors that would be popular in the Capitol. I'm not 100% sure when these will be released, but my guess it will correspond to the release of the movie, which is March 23, 2012. It looks like the collection is full of glitters and shimmers which is right up my alley! Just to be clear, I am team Peeta all the way. What about you, are you team Peeta or Gale?

 If you ask Pantone, 2012 will be the color of Tangerine Tango. Their Wiki page shows all the "Color of the Year" winners from 2000. If this color appeals to you, Butter London has the perfect color for you called Jaffa. The dictionary says that a jaffa is type of seedless orange...and also British slang for an infertile man. Whoa, Butter London. What a weird name for a polish! Sometimes your names go a bit too far.


Anonymous said...

I kept changing my mind between Peeta and Gale the whole series, but in the end I was Team Peeta...I can't wait to see the movies!

cupper82 said...


I flip-flopped a bit as well, but I thought it was pretty clear by the end that it wouldn't work out with Gale. Thanks for your consistent commenting...I always appreciate them!

Sandi said...

Butter London has a thing for really tacky Brit slang when choosing names. Not sure why since they're based in Seattle. Minger is a) a very nasty term for women, and b) another shade of orange. Panatone has been obsessed with pink and blue since 2000. Be nice to see some nice greens and purples.