Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms: Ruby Diamond-I'm Giving It Away!

Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond (2 coats)

While I was away, I sent my husband a message about Ross having some hard to find Sally Hansen Nail Prisms so he went out and waited in line for 30 minutes to get it for me. I was delighted to find that it included an awesome bright pink linear holo polish called Ruby Diamond. Despite not being ruby-colored at all, it was full of bling and holo goodness. 

You know what else I haven't done in a really long time? Had a giveaway! Yup, I thought this would make a really special giveaway since these are so hard to come by.  In order to enter, please leave a comment to this post with your e-mail address. You must be a follower in order to win. And finally, this is only open to US readers (I am so sorry to my international readers). Please only 1 entry per person. A winner will be chosen by random on Friday, December 16, 2011. Good luck! 


Unknown said...

wonderful giveaway.! nice mani , I own no prisms.pgreenlee(at)wi(dot)rr(dot)com sweet :)

Unknown said...

so pretty!


Elfin814 said...

Very cool! findlay.laura@gmail.com

DesertNails8 said...

I found the pack at Ross, too. And even though I'm not fond of wearing pink the holo goodness is amazing! So I got it anyway. Heh heh. It has the optical illusion that the sparkle is floating above the surface of the nail. And the formula is great, too. So nice of you to be giving some away.

Rachel C said...

This is the perfect summertime pedi color! O love it! And special shout out to Mr. ROTN for getting it while you were gone.


Unknown said...

That is awesome! I am such a HOLO H00r! chromaticmisadventures(at)gmail(dot)com.

You should come join my giveaway too!

Tara said...

What a beautiful polish

GFC: Tara

Wickless and Polished said...

Ive always wanted these colors!

pn said...

Thanks for the give away

pnalley1 yahoo dot com


I have so much been trying to find a connection to find the prisms LOL! thats a great husband you have there.
thank you for sharing and caring

GFC inaquandry

email dimnprncs@gmail.com

The Ramseys said...

Love this color. Thanks for the chance to win

cocofiere said...

This color is gorgeous! condesa(dot)dynamite(at)gmail(dot)com

cestmoi19 said...

Wowzers! This one is great! I'm in for the giveaway!
cestmoi19 at gmail dot com

Teddi said...

I've been trying to find those....unfortunately there is no Ross in my area.


Arielle said...

So pretty! I can't find the prisms anywhere here.
soccermoms.scraps at gmail .com

Olivia said...

Great giveaway! I was hoping to find the nail prisms at the Ross near me but they didn't have them. :(


Starlight Radiance said...
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Kittyhawk said...

Oooh I hope I win this!! Love it. - ace
ace.kittyhawk at gmail dotcom.
Thank you!!!!

nekosan said...

So pretty!

cat dot barts at gmail dot com

Midnite Echo said...

This is a really pretty color!!

Thanks for giving someone a chance to win this!

email: midniteecho75@gmail.com
GFC: MidniteEcho75

MC said...

your international readers would have loved to put their hands on such giveaway! surprise, I bought a beautiful navy-blue polish last week. While I was in France I thought I should do something beyond my usual. OMG, it looks gorgeous, you would be so proud of me. perhaps I will post a picture on my blog just for you ;-)
Merry Xmas from Belgium!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you for the giveaway! That polish is just beautiful! :)

GFC: Sarah Crawford

april brooks said...

I follow with GFC. april

Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!


Lfisher8509 said...

Great giveaway!
GFC: Leann Fisher

email: lfisher8509@ gmail.com

Micah said...

Wow cool!
GFC: Micah
email: cutekittieserin@verizon.net

Tiffany said...

awesome giveaway :)

aullaboutyou7 [at] gmail [dot] com