Monday, December 5, 2011

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Holiday 2011 Collection: Candy Cane

Color Club Candy Cane (3 coats)

I'm happy to say that I got some Christmas shopping done tonight and the stores were quite slow. That only leaves like 10 people left to buy gifts for. Blarg. This year instead of going to D.C. we're going to Texas to see my mother and sister-in-law. The thought of a warm(er) Christmas is a happy thought, even though the weather in North Carolina hasn't been too bad so far this season. What are your plans? Are you sticking around your house, or do you have to trek along to another state? 

Speaking of the holiday season, Candy Cane is the final Beyond the Mistletoe polish I have to show. I find the name a bit of a misnomer in that it is not red, but a light pink holographic glitter polish. It doesn't scream winter to me at all, but sometimes it's nice to have colors other than the usual red, green, silver and gold. I'm also happy to report that it is quite opaque and, like the rest of the collection, can be worn alone or over another color. 

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