Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Color Club Backstage Pass Collection: Platinum Record

Color Club Platinum Record (2ish coats) over 2 coats of a SinfulColors polish

Holy crap this combination looks hideous and I'm almost too embarrassed to show it! When I looked in the bottle of Platinum Record, I thought some of the small hexagonal glitters were black, but, unfortunately it was straight silver. I dunno, this was just ok for me in all honesty. The application was pretty annoying and you had to use lots of small brush strokes to get any of the glitter to stick to the nail (and there was lots of dragging of glitter with it). I think you can find better glitter polishes from your local drugstore. 


Bubblewrapper said...

Before I read the review I saw the picture and thought "that is hideous" heh. I love glitters/flakies/holos but so many of the irregular shaped ones look like a skin disease. :/

The Sneakerette said...

this is AWESOME! i love the crazy glitters :D