Sunday, January 29, 2012

SinfulColors Holiday 2011 Wish Collection: Sugar Sugar

SinfulColors Sugar Sugar (2 coats)

Why does Sunday have to come so fast when the week drags by? I had a pretty relaxing weekend and didn't do anything really big. I've started up Chinese Food Sunday again because this really good place opened up near us. Of course, we also have Pizza Friday which can be delivered, frozen or made fresh depending on what we feel like. Do you have any food rituals, or do I need to feel like a weirdo? 

Moving right along through the SinfulColors Wish Collection is Sugar Sugar which is a shimmery red color. Nothing mindblowing, but a lot of people are into this type of color, especially around the holidays. The application was just ok because I found it a bit thin and got a little pooling while applying. It was nothing serious, but I thought I'd mention it. Overall, it's a nice red color for the price point.

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beachgal said...

This is a beauty of a red...have to admit, I am big on reds. Sure I have others just like this. But for new collectors, this would be a good addition to your stash - IF it's not so watery it takes 4 coats to get it leveled and opaque. I tend to have that issue with this brand as well as it chips really fast on me despite good base and toppers.