Thursday, May 10, 2012

China Glaze Spring 2012 Electropop Collection: Electric Beat

China Glaze Electric Beat (2 coats)

It's going to be a quick post today because it's been a hectic one. Can you believe I'm still not done with the Electropop collection? Despite not being too excited about the collection, I absolutely adore Electric Beat. Cornflower blue colors are always lovely and this one doesn't disappoint. It was nice to go back to opaque colors after the Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect colors and Electric Beat had a wonderful formula and application. Just to warn you, it does dry a bit darker than the bottle. 


DoddPower said...

I finally found my way over this way. I must say, WOW! You weren't kidding about your blog. I'm impressed. Now I can understand why you get sent free things, heh heh. Great stuff!

(also, I can't help but notice to post time of this entry: 4:45. I see what you were up to!).

beachgal said...

I really like this shade a lot too. It was the only one I bought at first from this collection - then I got warm to the brights and picked up about 5 more from the collection. It just hit so close after holiday that I was not ready for what seemed like summer shades then. I really like Gothic Lolita from the Electropop collection too.