Saturday, October 20, 2012

China Glaze Fall 2012 Safari Collection: Kalahari Kiss

China Glaze Kalahari Kiss (2 coats)

What an interesting color. When I say interesting, I'm not sure if that is an insult or not. I mean, maybe it just doesn't look good on my skin tone, but this yellow and beige creme just doesn't suite me. I must give it some props for being unique though. The formula and application was fine, but it dries darker on the nail. 


Impoverished by Polish said...

I would definitely call this a unique color in a complimentary sense. It´s very different from most colors out there, I think the best description is that it´s a camel color. I found myself strangely drawn to this one. :)

beachgal said...

I wanted to like this one 'cause it's different. But ended up not picking it up because it looked like one that would end up with the chalky look on me. Now have seen #'s use it as a base to stamp over - maybe for that it might be OK for me - but then I don't do that much nail art. Did not see it in the sale bin so did not even get it at the 50% off the 50% off price point when sometimes I do fall prey just to give stuff a try. It still kind of haunts me... like I still want to paint 'em up and just see.