Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Collection Swatch: Sweetie

Sally Hansen Sweetie (2 coats on all nails except middle finger which has 3 coats)

Please, no more rain! It's rained every day forever. My plants outside are suffering, too! Are you getting crazy amounts? 

The last time I went to Target, the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes were on clearance, so check your local store. I bought Sweetie for the full price, but I bought a couple more I got discounted. These are definitely not my favorite textured polishes, and I think it's because it's missing some shimmer and depth. The finish on these reminds me of the Nerds jelly beans. I thought the yellow would be a streaky mess, but it only needed 2 coats. I accidentally smudged my middle finger, so I added a third coat and you can see how much it smooths out the bumps with that extra coat. The dry time was really fast, so there are some positives for it. I'm torn; I don't hate it, but I would recommend the OPI, Zoya, or Julie G textured polishes over these. 

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