Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bonita Nail Enamel: Teal

Bonita Teal (2 coats)

Grr, a collection without any names! I came up with the unique name of Teal for this one. In the pictures it looks more blue, but there's another color in the collection that is definitely more blue. I've never had the chance to try out Bonita Nail Enamel before, but recently found a 6 pack at my local Ross store for like $5 so I had to pick them up. When I first looked them up online, their website was not working, but apparently it is now, and you can purchase some of their colors for a great price. The formula and application was absolutely flawless, but unfortunately it stained my nails and cuticles (even with Orly Bonder and Gelous as basecoats). Despite this, it's still a beautiful shimmer and the price is right. 

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