Sunday, August 18, 2013

OPI Bond Girls Collection Swatch: Honey Ryder

OPI Honey Ryder (2 coats)

When I was away at the wedding a few weeks ago, I had to stop at HEB (the wedding was in Texas). It's a grocery store, but a grocery store with a spectacular beauty section! They were having a sale on OPI for $7.99 (I think) while I was there so I picked up Honey Ryder from the Bond Girls Liquid Sand collection. I love this one so much because you can really see the texture. It's a gold metallic with some silver glitter added for dimension. I think this one is awesome, if you like the textured look. The formula was very thick, but this was a good thing and you could probably get away with just one coat. I always use at least 2 coats for swatching so that's what you see here. I think this one will also be perfect for Christmas time. 


FilmAddictAlyssa said...

I think that look gorgeous, Honey Ryder looks like my kind of color has that tint of green and I'm a sucker for the Olive tones.

Kimberley said...


Unknown said...

I am not a fan too much of the textures but I did like the Bond Girls when they came out...I bought the mini set and then picked up 1 full size that was not in the mini set..I seem to only like some shades - mostly the lighter ones and they have to have sparkle in them or to me they look like stucco on a building.