Sunday, November 24, 2013

China Glaze Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection Swatch: Budding Romance

China Glaze Budding Romance (3 coats)

Short, random post today because we have to move an entire house worth of stuff into our new stuff and find room for it. Long story. Anyway, it's going to be a long day.

Budding Romance comes from the spring China Glaze collection which I bought none of until this one went on sale at Sally's. This was the "weird" one for the collection since it was for a spring collection and usually those are full of pastels. This one is a mossy green jelly that was pretty sheer. I made the mistake of applying thick coats the first time, and I had bubble city so I had to redo it with really thin coats. As you can see, it does finally fully cover at 3 coats. I like this one and it is definitely an interesting color. You can still find this one online if you're interested in it. 

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