Monday, November 4, 2013

Morgan Taylor Fall 2013 Collection: Under the Stars

Morgan Taylor Under the Stars (2 coats)

*press sample*

Another blue polish! After looking at my collection, I'd have to say that I tend to lean towards blues and pinks. The least polish colors would be white and black. Just some useless information for you to know. Anyway, how gorgeous is Under the Stars by Morgan Taylor? In the bottle there is so much holographic glitter it is almost overwhelming. On the nail, You can definitely still see the glitter, but it is a bit more subdued in the navy blue jelly base. I instantly thought this was going to be a sheer polish that would need layering, but to my surprise it covered in only 2 coats. The formula and application was fine, but it was a pain to take off, of course. You can find Morgan Taylor polishes at Cosmoprof, on Amazon, or Nail Tech Supply and prices will depend on where you buy it.

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