Friday, November 29, 2013

LeChat Dare To Wear The Dream Colors Collection: Pirouette

LeChat Dare To Wear: Pirouette (3 coats)

Quick post because my family is still here. Did you do any shopping today? Thank goodness I did not, but I did have some awesome Tex-Mex food. The next few days will involve having tons of leftovers from Thanksgiving.

LeChat is a brand that is hard to find, but I was able to get it at my local nail supply store for only $2.50 apiece. I have a few that I'll show over the next few weeks, but to continue my "Thanksgiving" theme for 1 more day I have Pirouette which is a milky brown color with a slight holo effect and a green flash. The green flash is so awesome and makes this color very unique to my collection. It was a little sheer, but the application and formula was fine otherwise. This was my first try with LeChat, and I'm happy so far (and their emblem is a cat because Le Chat means cat in French). If you can find any in your area, I would recommend you trying them out. 

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