Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rainbow Honey August 2014 Mystery Bag Swatch and Review: 488nm

Rainbow Honey 488nm (2 coats)

Don't forget to sign up for my Barielle giveaway....there haven't been a ton of entries, so you have a good chance of winning! Whew, yesterday really wore me out! I'm in Knoxville visiting my family (happy belated blog birthday to my brother) and we went to Boomsday which is an awesome display of fireworks that brings people out from all over Tennessee. This also means a ton of walking so I'm a bit sore today. 

I realize that I haven't shown any of the Rainbow Honey August bag polishes, so here is 488nm (if you're a scientist, you may get this) which is an azure blue creme. I believe this is the first creme I've received from a bag so far. This is such a beautiful color, but the formula was a bit thin which is surprising since all the polishes I've used by them have been thicker. I also applied the Royal Fruits scented topcoat that came with the box this month. It smells good, but the dry time was slightly longer than I'm used to. Speed beats scent any time in my book. 

I hope to get the second part of the Zoya collection out when I get home from my trip. I hope you enjoy the rest of your extended weekend if you're in the US!

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