Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Right ont the Nail ~ OPI 2014 Coca-Cola Collection Swatch and Review: Green on the Runway

OPI Green on the Runway (2 coats)

You know it's been a long week when it's Wednesday and you almost type that it is Monday! Ha! Just as another reprieve between fall and Halloween polishes is Green on the Runway from the OPI Coca-Cola Collection. When I first heard of this collaboration, I was all, "What what what??!" but I must admit that I liked a lot of the colors. Green on the Runway is a green and brown duochrome that is absolutely gorgeous. I got tons of compliments on it because the shift is really strong. It's supposed to be for Sprite, but I don't really see it that much. I guess they didn't want to do a white or a white glitter which is great because this one is awesome. I'm more of a Diet Coke girl, but the silver foil didn't pique my interest much. Anyway, Green on the Runway had a good formula and only needed 2 coats (even on my long talons...which aren't as long anymore). 

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