Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Rainbow Honey Swatches and Review: Frozen Flame

Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame (2 coats) over a Sally Hansen Green

Hello hello! I've been swatching the Zoya Satins, so stay tuned for those this week. If you love soft shades, you will love this 6-piece collection. Tonight I have something completely the opposite of the Zoya Satins, and that is Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame which is a party in a bottle. Basically it has gold and holographic bar glitter of different sizes, as well as multiple colors of hexagonal glitter. I meant to post this as a fun topper for New Year's Eve, but I completely forgot about it. This did not come in a mystery bag; I bought the Frozen Flame Set which included things like lotion, cuticle oil, and body spray all with the Frozen Flame scent. I was happy that with 2 coats the polish didn't get really thick like some Rainbow Honey polishes can get (perhaps because this was a full sized bottle?). Currently Rainbow Honey is closed, but will open shortly for the February restock. 

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