Friday, February 12, 2016

Right on the Nail ~ Different Dimension Fall 2015 Falling In Love Collection Swatches and Review: Buttersweet Symphony

Different Dimension Buttersweet Symphony (2 coats)

Hi guys! Happy Valentine's Day weekend! We don't really celebrate around here, but I know some people go all out. Actually, my husband and I go to IHOP on Valentine's Day and that has become a thing that started as a joke and has become a tradition. Tonight I have my last Falling in Love Collection swatch from Different Dimension called Buttersweet Symphony. Anyone else a fan of The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony? It's too bad the band broke up soon after the song became popular. Buttersweet Symphony is a bright holographic yellow-gold color that tends to look green at some angles. I like this polish, but I think it photographs even better for some reason. I dunno, just look at how interesting it is! It had a perfect formula and application in just 2 simple coats.

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