Monday, July 18, 2016

Polish 'M Spring 2016 Spring Collection Prototypes: #21 and #27 Plus Discount Code

Hi guys! I hope your week is off to a great start! Don't forget that I have another giveaway going until this Friday (when the Nibs & Nails polishes will also be released in the Great Lakes Lacquer store). I bought several polishes from Michelle at Polish 'M with the 30% off code Right30. Feel free to use the code as much as you want (minus Polish for Pit Bulls). The two spring prototypes I have to show tonight are still on sale for $3 each ($2.10 with the discount code) so you may want to buy them soon if you are remotely interested in them. Let's take a look!

Polish 'M Spring Prototype 21 (3 coats)

Prototype 21 is a light lavender crelly with a medium density of multi-colored glitter in hexagonal and square shapes. There is also a nice amount of shimmer in the base to add depth, but it's hard to tell what color it is. The polish was a bit sheer, but built up well in 3 coats. You will want to use 2 thin coats at first, making sure to wait an extra minute between coats to ensure there is no dragging of the polish. The 3rd coat can be a hearty one to ensure full opacity. Very pretty! 

Polish 'M Spring Prototype 27 (3 coats)

Prototype 27 is a nude crelly with multi-colored hexagonal glitter and neon pink square glitter. It's hard to see in the photos (maybe you can see it a little in the last picture), but it has some beautiful blue shimmer. Michelle is well-known for her use of contrasting shimmers, so I'm glad she used it here. I've reviewed a few other of these spring prototypes from Polish 'M (which are now sold out), but I think prototype 27 may be my favorite. I'd recommend that you apply it as described above for #21. Both polishes will need a thick coat of topcoat to smooth out the glitter. If you only have thin topcoats, you may need 2 coats (it's totally worth it).

Like I said above, these are still on sale, but I don't think it will be for long (and don't forget to use the discount code Right30 at checkout)! You can find Polish 'M on their storefrontFacebookInstagram, and Facebook Group.

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