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Lauren B Beauty Botanical Nail Care Reviews

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Hi guys! I was in Atlanta for the past 4 days or so which explains my long absence. No worries, I've got lots in store for you for the rest of April, so stay tuned. Remember Nibs & Nails? Well, I've got another post (and giveaway!) with Cameo Colours Lacquers with another popular fountain pen ink.

Tonight I have a new brand on the blog called Lauren B Beauty. To be honest, before I reviewed these, I didn't know too much about the brand. After reading the About Me section on the site, I learned a lot about Lauren's story and how the brand came about. I could totally relate as someone who grew up loving polish. I'll be up front in saying that this is a luxury nail care brand. While I think everyone should splurge on themselves once in awhile, I can understand that not everyone will be able to go out and get the entire set. With that said, shall we see how these products stand up?

Lauren B Beauty Polishing Hand Scrub (2 oz for $20)

They recommend using the polishing hand scrub after taking off your nail polish. I've used many body scrubs in my day, but not one specifically for the hands. It definitely has an oily base with scrubby bits. I'm not really sure what the scrubby bits are made of, but since they state that it's eco-friendly, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any plastic beads. Here is what Lauren B has to say about their hand scrub:

"Our polishing hand scrub contains a proprietary blend of potent anti-aging powerhouses such as: Swiss-derived Apple stem cells (they contain peptides-boosting cell turnover, thickening thin skin, fading age spots, and smoothing crepiness), Aloe Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E (these brighten, soothe, and heal chapping while also providing anti-pollution benefits. Moreover, our proprietary amino-acid complex strengthens and softens your skin. The result: A fresher more youthful look for your hands in under a minute!"

Since I've started using this product, I've found that I don't need to reach for any mani-bombs to soften my cuticles before pushing them back. I just add a dollop to my hands, scrub gently, and do a light rinse to get the larger pieces off my hands. It leaves my hands nicely moisturized without being greasy at all. They also recommend using this if you get any staining on your nails from those pesky staining polishes. All of these products have the same floral fragrance, but it's more potent in some products compared to others. The scent in the hand scrub isn't overpowering, so I think everyone would be able to use this product.

 Lauren B Beauty Nourishing Hand Crème (2 oz for $24)

I found that I didn't need to use any hand crème after the scrub, so I mostly used the crème in the morning and evening before removing my polish. I am extremely impressed that this hand crème contains anti-aging antioxidants and retinol. I'm always worried that my hands will start to prematurely age, and I don't think people are careful about using SPF on their hands. Just look at how much people spend on plastic surgery and facial moisturizers...and then you look at their hands and they have age spots all over them. This is what Lauren B has to say about their hand crème:

"A super rich indulgence. Laced with antioxidants, peptides and amino acids, this remarkably non-greasy hydrator leaves hands ridiculously smooth and soft. A special delivery system ensures that moisturizing agents sink in fast to plump and soothe for hours. And the heavenly orchid and peony scent alone will make you want a lifetime supply."

The fragrance is stronger in this product, so if you are sensitive to fragrances (especially floral fragrances) then this product may not be for you. After applying the crème, my hands are moisturized, but not greasy at all. That moisture lasts for about 2-3 hours before I feel like putting on more lotion. I tend to wash my hands a lot, so YMMV with this product. Since this is an expensive product, I use a different hand lotion at work. Either way, this is definitely a product I will be continuing to use after my bottle runs out.

Lauren B Beauty Cuticle Oil (0.5 oz for $20)

I feel like the indie polish community has done a great job coming up with effective cuticle oils in recent years. I guess that's why paying $20 for cuticle oil is a hard pill to swallow. That's not to say that this is a bad product at all. I really like this oil, but I didn't see results that were that much better than my indie counterparts. It takes a few minutes to sink in, but it was a breeze to apply with the polish brush. Lauren B Beauty says that:

"Our custom blend of 12 ultra-pure plant, nut and flower oils designed to quickly hydrate your dry cuticles. Also, it is packed with amino-acids promoting healing and revival. Apply with our convenient brush applicator so you can take as little or as much as you need – no mess!

We love Olive Fruit Oil, Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil, Walnut Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, and Geranium Flower Oil."

I do appreciate the mix of different plant botanicals and oils in this cuticle oil.

Lauren B Beauty Nail Growth Serum (0.08 oz for $75)

I'll admit, I appreciate being able to try out a $75 nail serum (yes, you did read that right). The bottle is tiny in that large box (see the size in pictures above), but I only need to dip the brush in once per hand so I feel like this will last me awhile. I've only had this product a couple weeks so I can't really discuss the long-term benefits, but I'd love to have stronger and longer nails. I can safely tell you not to use this right under peel-off nail base because it will not last 8 hours (I learned this the hard way). I'll make sure to update this post after I've used it a couple months!

Skyy Hadley, owner of As U Wish Nail Salon, is a firm believer in tending to your cuticles for strong and lustrous nails. Follow her tips below for the best results:
·         Always use a cuticle oil/cream. Having dry, scraggly cuticles is not a good look and may even make you want to pick them, which can lead to a bacterial infection. Using a cuticle oil can make your manicure last longer. Keeping the nail beds and areas around your nails moisturized will make the nail polish stay in place longer. A cuticle oil is a great way to make a two day old manicure look like you just walked out of the salon
·         If you don’t have cuticle oil or cream available, you can use anything from your kitchen! Olive oil, baby oil, or even Vaseline are quick go-to solutions
·         NEVER cut your cuticles, they should only be pushed back. Cuticles are designed to protect your fingers from infections, and bacteria. You should only cut the dry skin around the nail and not the actual cuticles themselves

Overall, I've really enjoyed my experience using the Lauren B Beauty nail care line. Out of the products, at least 2 of them will be repurchased (I'm not sure if I'll buy the cuticle oil yet - it depends on whether or not I see more benefits over time). While the sizes aren't huge, they have great ingredients and should last a few months depending on usage. You can buy all of these products and the nail polishes on the Lauren B Beauty or the Dermstore website (20% off if you are a new subscriber to their e-mails).

*These products were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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